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The last Johnny English movie was different from the outstanding first movie of the famous Brittish Secret Agent, Johnny English.
Should you have seen the first film, the second one follows the pattern created in the first one. In addition, there is the monothematic issue like in the first one. The ridiculous Agent have to save the world from by using his "abilities". However, in this second movie, the Agent is more pathetic and even worse than how it was in the first one. From my point of view, the usage of too much burlesque scenes creates the feeling that it cannot be possible, and there is no Suspension of Disbelief here. So, I consider the film as a comedy/parody, but the main theme is boring.
Moreover, there are new elements introduced in this film, like the incredible Rolls V16 made just for this film under the will of Sir Rowan Atkinson. The avoidance of the Aston Martin of the first film and the similarities to James Bond are removed, but there is a similar line to Bond's movies, done in a bad way, in my opinion.
There are funny moments, specially the beginning when Johnny is training his Martial Skills, unsuccesful like always, so he pretends to be a better agent, but he falls just in the pretention because he is not going to be better. I find a parallesim between this idea of trying to be better than the first version between Johnny as well as the movie as a whole. However, it seems to me that they have failed in both aspects.

Finally, I recommed to wacth the movie, you are going to enjoy funny moments, like at the beginning when he plays with a cat, for me, it's the best 2 minutes of the whole film, but you cannot expect to have a really great time. However, I encourage you to watch the film and decide by yourself.


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